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Who are we?

Emilia Kobza

Finance manager with 10-year experience in setting up accounting & tax processes as well as driving ERP implementations. 
Familiar with the differing needs of start-ups, scale-ups and corporations. Very comfortable with business administration (contracts, registration topics, liaising with public administrative organs).

Emilia Kwiatkowska-Turek

HR Manager with 10-year experience in human resources administration & payroll in multiple companies of up to 5 000 employees. Specialized in building efficient people processes and procedures, creating HR documentation (contracts, internal  documentation, procedures) and implementing GDPR rules in HR departments.

What can we do for your company?

ACCOUNTING – review your current processes in the light of the Polish statutory regulations, check the execution of the separation of duties and formal requirements of documents or contracts.

TAX – analyze compliance with tax regulations and filings, identify and manage potential risks, increase your cash flow via requesting VAT refunds (from the EU countries as well) if applicable.

PAYROLL – verify the correctness of payroll calculations, social insurance and income tax declarations, incl. cross-checking their accounting treatment, restoring payroll compliance if needed.

HR – review employee documentation and HR processes to ensure their compliance with the Polish Labor Law and GDPR, evaluation of HR processes efficiency (recommendation of possible area of improvement), providing trainings for the managers in key HR areas.

INSIGHTS– when performing our analysis, we spot the missing pieces of the puzzle and suggest how to put them in the right place. We’ll share our conclusions and suggestions in a comprehensive final report and discuss the consequent application of its findings in your company.

When it makes sense to work with us and what do you gain?

  • If you want to update your processes after a long period of doing the same thing the same way or after organizational people changes.
  • If you want to prepare for year-end close and you need extra hands.
  • If you need due diligence before merger & acquisitions, funding rounds from investors.

Why us?

We are a duet of professionals with complementary skills, competencies and experience who enjoy project work. We both have an ability to quickly spot procedural and formal gaps and can provide insightful, professional solutions, both short- and long-term (and even medium-term if required). There aren’t many people who both have ideas and are able to put them into action, which is what makes the Emilia | Emilia Project unique.