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Mosaic Experts: Cooperation with professionals ensures that any changes to tax or accounting regulations will be reflected in your financials. For us, such changes have always been a part of this profession and we are able to incorporate them more efficiently.

Mosaic Experts: We would transfer available documents to our system, review problematic
areas, fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle and keep up the good work going forward so that
you can focus on growing your business.

Mosaic Experts: The first consultation is free of charge, its goal being to determine your
needs and if our potential future cooperation would be satisfying for both sides. We can have
a chat online or in our office. The easiest and fastest way to organize it is via the contact form
available here.

Mosaic Experts: No, there is no such need. We work on licensed accounting software and the
client is not charged for its usage.

Mosaic Experts: We would be happy to help in the process to ensure your easy, quick, and
compliant start in the business world.

Mosaic Experts: Yes, of course. This is a standard requirement for B2B contractors and
shareholders of civil law partnerships.

Mosaic Experts: We are a boutique office, which means delivering expert advice combined
with a personal touch so that you never need to consult Dr. Google again or lose your sleep
wondering if your tax returns are properly filed.

Mosaic Experts: Yes, absolutely! This is an excellent idea as it allows for a proper review and
potential adjustments to your financials before the season of annual tax reporting and
accounting year-end close.

Mosaic Experts: By default, we work on scans shared online by the client. The local
requirement of archiving accounting documents for 5 years is on our side.

Mosaic Experts: We speak fluent English, French, some Spanish and Dutch, which should be enough to overcome any language barriers to good communication. If there’s a will, there’s a