While start-ups can take off with only basic accounting, their needs can grow instantly in a very short timeframe, in parallel with their exponential growth. That’s why implementing best practices from the start can prove to be a very smart choice – good accounting pays for itself.

Accounting and tax

Your needs covered from day one. Even those you didn’t know you had.


Assistance in obtaining grants and tax credits and its further reconciliation.


Payroll services for an easy start of being a responsible employer.


Your first budget and its comparison to actuals to ensure financial health.

Pricing models

Help in calculating the right price for your services irrespective of market fluctuations.

Company setup

What would be the most profitable type of company to open?

Documents workflow

To manage growing number of credit card statements, receipts, invoices.

Flexible expert advice

Adjusted to your needs before you develop the need for full-time support.

Cash flow statement

Analysis of your company’s liquidity so that it never gets out of hand.